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From confusion to understanding.
From discord to harmony.
From recognized to reliable.
From possibility to peak.
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Branded websites
Branded animated
3D interactive websites
Minimalistic and clear, with the main goal - convert through building trust, and highlight your identity
With an accent on narrative, we create engaging brand story like you tell
Control the user's attention and focus like no one else.
There is no better way to make WOW, drive engagement and be memoried.
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3D Production
Hailstone Labs supports innovative ideas in the Web3 area and turns challenges into opportunities for growth by cultivating a culture of invention and resilience.
Web Design
Creative production
Web Design
3D production
Creative development
Web Design
R&D company with goal to unlock the perfect nap to improve productivity, alertness, and wellbeing
Perfomante is marketing videos that perform and attract users. Experts in visual production maximize return on impressions with measurably better video creatives.

Let our portfolio speak by itself
Hailstone Labs
Lemons Studio provides a variety of animation video production services that can help you build brand awareness, boost sales and conversions, increase engagement, and achieve many other goals.
3D production
Creative development
Web Design
Lemons Studio
Spyder is a tool for saving and sharing
video ads from social media like Facebook,
Instagram, TikTok
Motion Design
Creative development
Web Design
Get Spyder
Corvus Research is a technology company developing cutting-edge statistical models, alternative data sources, and machine learning for quantitative finance.
3D production
Creative development
Web Design
Corvus Research
Just Tell Us About Your Business, and We Will Handle the Rest
Get completed within 3-5 weeks. We value your time and are committed to maintaining efficiency without compromising quality.
We include two rounds of revisions at all stages of the project. This allows us to ensure the final product perfectly aligns with your vision.
Main steps
  1. Discovery
  2. Art Direction
  3. Prototyping
  4. Content production
  5. UI/UX Design
  6. Development
Our Clients Share the Feedback, You Got a Proof
average rating
"Third-dimension was very proactive in suggesting designs that would work well with our brand identity."
Stanley Speel
Founder, Corvus Research
"The high quality of their website design and development and the speed at which they produced their work were great."
Rebecca Rickman
CEO, Somvai
"We were impressed with their unwavering commitment and willingness to take on our complex WebGL project."
Gary Yankovich
Founder, DAMNN! creative production
"These wizards are masters at weaving intricate websites with stunning 3D elements, seamlessly merging beauty with practicality."
Andrew Kozik
Founder, Lemons.Studio
"Collaborating with Third Dimension was an outstanding experience. They showcased exceptional expertise in developing the 3D scene for our Altra.House project..."
Frédéric Hubin
Project & Tech Lead, Coinspaid
Just Tell Us About Your Business, and We Will Handle the Rest
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